Carlos Bárcena Pous

Carlos Bárcena  Pous

Carlos Bárcena Pous

Minister of Economics | the State of Zacatecas

Mr. Bárcena Pous graduated from ITESM the second highest ranked University in Latin America, from bachelor degree in Chemical engineering.

Since young age Mr. Bárcena Pous showed driven capacity for entrepreneurship. He partnered with multinational companies in various industries, been the first JV in the state of San  Luis Potosi between a German corporation and a Mexican company getting ready for NAFTA, in 1994. He has many success stories regarding FDI, JV and M&A, as partner and as Minister of economics in Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi states. Mr. Bárcena Pous has 24 years’ experience in industries as Chemical, Hospital management and operation, manufacturing and Public administration. He has also 18 year experience as an associated president in a Non-Profit Organization focus in primary and middle education, member of International Baccoulorete Organization, and this organization develops entrepreneurs with values. Also, Mr. Bárcena Pous has worked in higher ranked government positions for almost 7 years and currently is the Minister of economics of the state of Zacatecas.

He is now working to develop 40,000 new jobs before 2021, this is the main reason Zacatecas wants to find a working partnership with China. His view includes developing not only industrially or economically seeding values that will develop a mindset of sustainability, entrepreneurship and economic development. Mr. Bárcena Pous has a strong belief that a balance between government, FDI and education are the key factors for economic success.  He understands that coming to start a long term relationship with Chinese companies is the first stage of a long but successful road.